Saturday, August 23, 2008

New wheels

The Smart Car finally arrived after 13 months of waiting! It even came a week earlier than the email said it would! I love it and have been zipping around showing it to friends for many hours now. I still have some buttons to figure out and can't seem to pull up to the curb because I can't judge the front! There is only about a foot of distance in front of my feet! It is soo cool

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I still can't believe it is August and the summer has flown by. The trip to Churchill was wonderful and much more than I expected. We saw hundreds of Beluga whales and the weather was really nice. It was almost like staying in D.C. There were people in shorts and flip flops in Winnipeg! Really enjoyed traveling with my cousin as usual and she even enjoyed all my birdwatching! Got back and had a few days to sightsee around Washington and then off to family reunion in the hills of Harrisburg. My dad had an emergency surgery after a scary drive up and back to the reunion but is recovering nicely and everyone seems pleased with his level of rehab. Then I was off to Nova Scotia for a friend's 50th wedding anniversary and it was a really classy operation with everything organized down to the smallest detail. I stayed at a wonderful club outside of Liverpool and again did lots of bird and bunny watching.
It has been two years now since I have made it to our Maryland and Delaware beaches and will try to get there after Labor Day.
Business is slow but after 30 years of this, I have been through this before and it will speed up one of these days!
Am busy with about four quilting projects and the Olympics so don't notice that the phone is not ringing like last year. Thank God for all my other interests and for all that $$$ that I kept for slow times!