Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This has been a real challenge.It has now gone on for 6 days many without power so I fried bacon and eggs on my charcoal grill on the front porch. Ran out of wood on day 3 so am now using the gas stove burners to heat the house when necessary. Have finished two good books and have cleaned out closets, worked on taxes and filing. The wind is up now but it is supposed to be over in about 9 hours. The birds have kept me busy trying to keep the feeders full but have provided lots of entertainment. Am now mostly worried about the roof since part of it is flat. Have learned a lot about survival techniques.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Have had two rainbows in 2009 that blew my mind. One in Patagonia in Chile at Torres del Peine when for some reason I looked out the window of our lodge at 6AM and there was a huge rainbow which centered over the moutaintop. I ran outside with barefeet, in sweats and no outerwear with my camera to try and capture it and three other guests were in the field trying to do the same thing. It was astounding and the biggest one I have ever seen. I was unable to capture the whole thing but one of my travel mates did get it and i will try to find that photo and post it.
Then Xmas morning in Miami, I woke up and out the window was a rainbow and the sidewalks were dry and it hadn't rained! It made my day and I didn't even need presents. It was so bright and I sat on my balcony and watched for about 20 minutes when it disappeared. What a great Xmas present that was.
I hope there are many more to come!