Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well, it looks like I am really going. Feb 8th is the big day and so far I have met with two friends that have been so I have all kinds of tips. I just got another message today from a third friend that is willing to share pictures and stories. This is great with all this recent imput. Now, the problem is what to pack! Maybe I will see a condor do these isometrics as above!

I finally read the information from Natural Habitat and it seems I may see lots of birds. There are four pages listed so I must study up so I know how to identify them and perhaps even get a few good shots.

Christmas went well and the appliqued initials went over very well with friends and family. I still have lots of family to do on the 30th but have been eating cookies and egg nog for three days now and it is lots of fun getting all the Xmas cards and wrapping all the presents. Today I intend to make phone calls to people that I only talk to once or twice a year and try to catch up. A holiday tradition with me.

Things are going well.