Thursday, November 6, 2008

A new Day

Wow, what a week. Barack Obama is our president and I think this is going to be a good thing!
My cousin Richard is doing better and we are all thinking about him and his family. We just can't have any more bad health in the family. Enough is enough!
I got my driver's license renewed today with no line and I don't need my glasses to drive anymore. How is that possible at my age?
65 in January and filing papers like mad for Social Security and Medicare. I think this is a good thing too! Less money for healthcare and money from the government that is mine anyway!
Have booked Patagonia for February! It has been on my list forever and finally just want to do it and not keep looking for someone to join me!
Making progress is Bethesda Quilters with our organization and getting ready for the 2009 show! It is a lot of work but keeps me busy and meeting lots of people and getting to know lots of people much better while working on our projects!
It has been quite a week but it all seems like good omens for 2009 even though the economy sucks. We have been through this before and I'm positive that it will get better soon!