Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Fall

The sun is out, the temperature was in the 60's today and i got to wear a sweater. My favorite time of year! Made it to two zoos today. Now that is a good day! Persimmon Tree Rd settles on Friday and that will be a good day too! Next week is Stephen's Birthday so will go celebrate with him and on Saturday, i have a ticket to the Michael Jackson movie.
Not bad for a Fall week.
Now I want snow!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flu Shot

It hurts and I am such a baby. Went to the Green Festival yesterday with Kay and we had a ball. Learned lots, mostly about bamboo, hemp(I have my hemp socks on), solar heating, solar cooking and sugar free sweeteners. We got lots of free samples and jewelry made by very talented artists. I even found a mirror for my collection made with a frame of a world map! Very appropriate.
Today was the Sugarloaf Show and it was fantastic. Those people are so talented! I love talking to the artists on how they got started and how they do stuff. Great afternoon.