Monday, May 25, 2009


I can't believe the mansion that is being built beside me. It is really awful and the workmen define work as screaming at each other. I have found the only thing that blocks the noise is my sewing machine in combination with the TV so I am getting a lot of quilting done. It has convinced me to definitely move and I had my handyman construct a barrier for me on the deck so I at least don't have to see it the minute I step outside.
Operation Nestwatch was here Thursday from the Smithsonian and he did manage to band six birds despite the noise and he was very pleased.
They were even here today ( Memorial Day) at 8AM!
I am actively seeking ways to stay away from the house from 8-6 and even have taken up mall walking to get exercise and not think about my ruined property value with no sun, no privacy on the deck and an ugly expansion
Not a good Spring!