Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I do everything I can to recyle water and reuse it.
The bucket in the shower to capture some of the water while it heats up.
Taking water from the dehumidifier to use in the washing machine.
Using the extra boiling water in the kitchen for watering the plants and the bird bath.
I think I really do a better than average job....then there was this morning!
Walked into the bathroom and heard a running sound.
The toilet had been running all night after a use last night!
I could just picture hundreds of gallons streaming down that pipe unused!
What a disaster!
I will have to keep an eye on that toilet from now on and become more vigilant after flushing.
I will also have to redouble my efforts before the next bill so I don't see the results of last night on my bill.
I also play a competitive game with the electric bill. Each month I compare the usage with the same month last year and try to use less than last year. Last month, I used 100 less kilowats! That was a good day.
We must save this planet!

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