Friday, January 9, 2009

Mall walking

For about a week now, I have been mall walking because it is so much easier than getting all bundled up and trying to stay out for hours around here. At Montgomery Mall and Tysons they have heat, cheap coffee, nice restrooms and plenty to look at. I don't take my wallet so that takes away that risk and today I stayed for 2.5 hours so that is good training for my trip to Patagonia coming up in less than a month and I need to get in shape!
Holidays were quiet but relaxing with too much food but lots of celebrations and great gifts. I enjoyed making the family and friends appliqued initials framed for their homes and they kept me busy most of the last 3 months. The handmade presents always appeal to me the most.

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Garet and Kelly said...

I found you! Neat =)
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!