Friday, March 13, 2009


The daffodils are out and Snow was predicted last night. I really think I hate Spring worse than any other season. Time to put away all the sweaters, socks and fur! Time for all the construction to start and the noise that accompanies it. ( Next door neighbor is making a mansion and my life at home is no longer my own) The bugs are out and in my house! The leaves are coming so I can't see the birds! The bugs are spiders are out...have I mentioned that before? I hate bugs! Can't avoid putting the AC on soon but can always keep the oil bills down by putting on fleece.

2009 Bethesda Raffle Quilt was handed to Lucretia yesterday and am so glad it is out of my hands. Now I have no excuse for not working on my own projects for the show in September. Have been attending lots of quilting events and those will slow down in the Spring too. Very sad.

Lots of showings of my listing in the Etheridge and hope it sells soon.
Am still editing the Patagonia pictures and especially like the one above with the blue sky and the view!

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