Monday, July 20, 2009

Banana Split

I was off to Baltimore on Saturday to join my friend Joan for ARTSCAPE and we enjoyed a local lunch in her neighborhood and then downtown to find the action. The estimate was 350000 people and I believe it. Thank goodness there was an occasional breeze but it was hot and big. Transportation was the big problem but we took light rail and saw people from all over the country and their art. I got a tiny mirror for the collection and the t shirt of the show then to reward ourselves and to cool off, we went to Friendlys for ice cream in Catonsville. I couldn't
resist the banana split. I haven't done that for many many years but it was great and brought back many memories of those huge piles of ice cream in my younger years.
Obviously no dinner Saturday night!
What a fun day.
I hope we remember to do it exactly the same next year.

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