Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cockadoodle Zoo

Every year, the FONZ members get special access to the zoo and it is closed to the public for a few hours on Saturday morning. We enjoy free parking, donuts, coffee and access to behind the scenes feeding and lectures by the keepers. It was beautiful yesterday and a lot of my photograher friends were there. The lion family was out and ambling around.

The elephant was bathing.
The new birds at the birdhouse were very busy...orapendulas!

The alligator was fed and we even got to walk on the new elephant trail which is not open yet. We now hear June for the elephant house to at least be open.

Wednesday I am off to Kentucky for the big Paducah Quilt show and am planning an August trip to the Canadian Rockies.

Houses are selling at a record pace and we are really happy to see these purchasers get such great rates!

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