Friday, November 27, 2009


Great day. Errands in the morning. Off to Baltimore to join my friend Joan and her parents for a great meal topped off with Pumpkin Chiffon Pie! Truly a treat and the drive home was not even bad. More people on the road than I expected but I guess they were all going locally for turkey too.
Lots to give thanks for. Income was not hit as bad as it could have been and the market is getting better month by month.
Very into cleaning out and throwing away for the eventual move to a condo if it works out. It is really too much fun getting rid of a lot of this clutter and I am sure it is treasures to other people.....especially the wardrobe, I can no longer fit into.
Today got notified from the Electric company that I am using less and less and so my bill is going down $30 a month! Now that made my day. All this unplugging is paying off!
I am doing a good job of thanking the planet!

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